Wezesha means 'to enable' in Swahili. Wezesha is building tools that are enabling tech progress & Web3 adoption in the ascending world, areas that have a lot of potential for economic development. Wezesha does this by providing decentralized vocational education [DeVE] to students & young entrepreneurs in Africa & other places where opportunities are generally scarce.

Wezesha was inspired by the founders’ success story of establishing one of the first rural startup hub in the world in 2015. Now Wezesha is working to develop a user-friendly web-based and mobile application, which will incorporate the following 5 programs:

Learn and Earn

This program aims to onboard learners & startup founders, to access vocational education micro courses, track their progress, communicate with their instructors and peers, undergo assessments in a decentralized & accessible manner, and get rewarded with Wezesha tokens & crypto certificate upon completion.

Crypto Tasking

The Crypto Tasking program enable members to engage in tasks and projects related to Web3, Network State and Wezesha project. By completing these tasks, participants earn crypto badges and digital tokens including the Wezesha's native token, WEZ

Virtual Startups

This program fosters collaboration, networking, and virtual peer-to-peer trading among startup founders. It encourages the exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise within the Wezesha community while benefiting from the guidance, mentorship, & shared knowledge available within the platform.

Crypto Passports

Wezesha's Crypto Passports program serves as a comprehensive identity and membership system within the Wezesha Community. The Crypto Passports play a vital role in building a vibrant community within Wezesha, enabling individuals to establish their reputation and gain recognition for their contributions.

City Meetups

Wezesha City Meetups program aims to encourage offline startup founders collaboration & networking.

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Wezesha means 'to enable' in Swahili. We're building tools to enable tech progress and web3 in the ascending world.


I studied international relations, co-founded Sote Hub in Kenya and write about existential risk, complexity, technological progressivism & philosophy. I am Interested in innovations like #mpesa #bitcoin #solana